Samples of work done in 2013. All audio is composed of, compositions, remixes, atmospheres assistance, collaborations, performance and engineering by Leonardo Perez. Special thanks to Dexter for all the wisdom, inspiration and forces. 

All video animations, visual creations, directing and post production by Halluci Nation Films (, Animaciones Mantequilla (, Laps Around The Sun (, Fall of Messiah (, Atjárók (, H&G Factory ( SONYA ( and Radovan Tariška (

Mensaje Henrique Capriles Radonski Elecciones 8D | Animated by: HRC Producciones | Music Remix and Sound design by Leonardo Pérez

Music by SONYA — | Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Dexter | Assistant Engineer: Leonardo Pérez

How to See Beyond Fields EP by Fall of Messiah — | Recorded, and edited by: Dexter and Leonardo Perez | Mixing and Mastering: Dexter

Music: Lajkó Félix | Recorded by: Gábor Nóniusz and Leonardo Pérez | Mixing and Mastering: Gábor Nóniusz Assistant Engineer: Leonardo Pérez

Grison Rincón: Detective Electoral | Animated by: Grison Rincon Producciones | Original Music and Sound design by Leonardo Pérez

Trailer / Indiegogo Campaing promoting the documentary “Discrimination” filmed in Bali, Indonesia between 2011/2012 | Directed by Peter Batory | Produced by Halluci-Nation Films  | Music Remix and Sound Design by Leonardo Pérez

Galus Galus | Directed by Clarissa Duque | Produced by Inés Masa Production house: Awaproducciones | Original music by Bi Bituaya y Chonto Turola | Sound design contributions by Leonardo Pérez

Puttin’ 2gether LP by H&G Factory — | Recorded, and edited by: Leonardo Pérez | Mixing and Mastering: Attila Horváth

Ébrenalvó EP | Music by Átjárók — | Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Leonardo Perez